DEW supports and empowers many projects for women around the world. DEW commits to distribute free menstrual cups to 5 million women in the country. DEW provides a trustable and a sustainable protection for monthly hygiene for healthier and greener future.

One Woman! One Cup!! One Happy Planet!!!


Our paramount importance is to concoct the best product to our sisters, friends and daughters. We at DEW aim at designing and delivering the finest and most comfortable product to our users. Since the cup is a device that is inserted internally, we owe the highest responsibility to take care about the safety and quality that goes from our factory.


DEW Empowerment and wellness Pvt. Ltd. is challenging the 100 year old menstrual status of chemically manufactured products, disposable slogans and menstrual shame. We believe that everyone should have a happy and healthy period experience. That is why we do everything we can to ensure our products are certified, registered and manufactured with health and comfort in mind.


Menstrual cups should be available to all women. This could mean training local women to provide their own menstrual cups using dealerships that are provided by DEW. Few months from menstrual cup would already be a trend setter in MHM and DEW will work constantly to make sure that DEW cup is available physically in Pharmacies, Supermarkets through dealers and also through online.


Menstrual hygiene should not be costly to women. We want to provide affordable access to cups for women in their local communities at affordable prices. There is plethora of cups available in the market. But among them which are trustable is a big elephant in the crowd. So DEW will make sure that DEW cups are trustable by all divergent women in affordable price ranges.


Through awareness sessions and medical camps, we want to empower Indian girls to understand their body and know what to expect from their menstrual cycles, as well as to fight taboos and stigma surrounding menstruation. One by one, we hope to eliminate myths that have been carried across generations and bring about change.

By investing in DEW CUP you are helping yourselves to have a better period and you are also helping the Mother Earth from various chemical attacks.
It is definitely a powerful choice for your personal care.