About Dew

About Dew

D’Saki Empowerment and Wellness Private Limited (DEW) is a Private Limited Company with its head office in Chennai with a mission to provide menstrual hygiene dignity to all girls in India through its network of dealers and distributors across the country.

About Dew MD

Mrs.Sasikala embarked a 15 year journey to create a revolution in developing the skills and confidence of women around her but also she created a revolution in the women hygiene product by manufacturing the most needed eco-friendly product of the future generation, The DEWCUP.

With her dynamic leadership, DEW will lead the way to future of menstrual hygiene for all the women in the country of India and around the world. With its finest range of menstrual cups and variety of women wellness products, DEW will certainly enrich the lives of millions of women with safest, healthiest and more responsible ways of providing menstrual hygiene.


As Dew’s Ceo. Mr.Kishore Varma plays an integral role in the growth of the organization including strategic management, managing risk and compliance challenges, achieving objectives to generate operational excellence.


Meet our Coo. Ms.Davya, pursuing CA. Her interests towards her mother’s business skills have been a key inspiration for her to step in to DEW. She is tasked with laying down the strategy for Dew’s future along with her brother kishore.


“ We Enrich, Empower and Engender ”

The company’s vision is to bring awareness to this much needed healthier alternative for women. We are driven to make this option within reach for women in India.

  • We aim in Enriching the life of 5 million Women by providing free menstrual care for them.
  • We vouch to Empower 2000 WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS every single. We mold them, we train them and we nurture them to explore the entrepreneurial skills in them.
  • We Engender a Happy Planet for our present and future generation by introducing the best menstrual hygiene product that would reduce the landfills drastically those are collected through sanitary disposal of women month on month.
  • As a company, we value our customers and their satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are completely happy with their purchase from DEW. It is our promise that we will maintain ethical business practices in all of our transactions and communications. Not only do we want to save women money while reducing the environmental impact, but we also want to help you as a woman Love your body, even during that most uncomfortable time!


“ Innovation in Menstrual Care, Paramount importance in protecting our sisters and
our Mother Earth, and concoct bestowed product to the women our future. ”

DEW was designed exclusively for the women who have the social responsibility to take care of our Mother Earth. Our thoughts and plans have always been to make people understand that our product is the best viable alternative to disposable pads and tampons. In this journey we have conducted and support many workshops about the present trend of alternative monthly hygiene.
DEW supports and empowers many projects for women around the world. DEW provides a trustable and a sustainable protection for monthly hygiene for healthier and greener future.

  • To improve the access to the menstrual cups for women in India by training them to use the cup.
  • To educate girls about menstrual cycle and the usage of menstrual cups
  • To advocate the normalization of menstruation and to come out of the inhibitions to overcome the taboos and be an independent woman.
  • To bring out the entrepreneurial women inside every woman by providing dealerships of our products.
  • Rebirth the idea of women to live with menstrual dignity.

Keeping in mind the environmental advantages that come with using a menstrual cup! It’s estimated the average woman will use up to almost 25,000 pads or tampons in her lifetime. Landfills all over the world are filled with these non-biodegradable pads and tampons. Multiply that by the billions of women on Earth! Let’s give the Earth a break by switching to more eco-friendly menstrual cups. Change has come! Make that change today for a better you and a better future!

We believe that DEW is bringing a menstrual revolution. We want a world in which every girl has menstrual dignity. We believe DEW will be a game changer in the women monthly hygiene Industry. Let us now know a few facts about our much talked awaited product DEW Menstrual Cup. Before we dive in to the best MHM, we will have to show you why Menstrual cups are the need of the hour and why Menstrual Hygiene is considered as CRISIS.