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Menstrual Hygiene Management(MHM)

Menstruation is an integral and normal part of human life, indeed of human existence, and menstrual hygiene is fundamental to the dignity and wellbeing of women and girls and an important part of the basic hygiene, sanitation and reproductive health services to which every woman and girl has a right. However, menstruation is too often taboo, and has many negative cultural attitudes associated with it, including the idea that menstruating women and girls are ‘contaminated’, ‘dirty’ and ‘impure’.

Menstruating women and girls are forced into seclusion, suffer reduced mobility and dietary restrictions and can be prevented through cultural norms, from participating in daily activities.Despite, or perhaps because of this, menstrual hygiene has been routinely ignored by professionals in the water sector and in the health and education sectors too. This drew attention to the impact that a lack of adequate consideration of the menstrual needs of women can bring. Without a safe, private space, with adequate facilities for washing the body, menstrual materials and clothing, women and girls face difficulties going about their daily lives. The lack of privacy and the necessary infrastructure for cleaning and washing, the fear of staining and smelling, and the lack of hygiene in school toilets are major reasons for being absent from school during menstruation, and have a negative impact on girls’ right to education. Unfortunately, the silence and stigma surrounding menstruation makes finding solutions for menstrual hygiene management a low priority. This is often reinforced by the fact that women and girls are not seen as priorities .The first step is to break this silence. Menstrual hygiene needs to be tackled comprehensively and contextually, to give women and girls the confidence and space to voice their need for improved menstrual hygiene. Menstrual hygiene management needs to be integrated into programs and policies across key sectors including WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene), reproductive health, emergency, education and rights, from community to global levels. Due to the courage and innovation of individuals and organizations that have done pioneering work on menstrual hygiene, we have joined hands with SWACH Bharath to provide the best Menstrual care for “5MILLION WOMEN” in India.

Alarming Facts about MHM

  • 70% of mothers consider menstruation 'dirty', perpetuating a culture of shame and ignorance
  • 88% of menstruating women in India use home-grown alternatives like old fabric, rags, sand, ash, wood shavings, newspapers, dried leaves, hay, and plastic
  • 63 million adolescent girls live in homes without toilet facilities
  • Girls are typically absent for 20% of the school year due to menstruation, which is the second major reason, after household work, for girls to miss school
  • 70% increase in incidence of reproductive tract infections owing to poor menstrual hygiene.

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The Rise of DEW Cup

We have derived the potential solution for Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM).

At DEW, We care for the Women’s most intimate needs. Idea of DEWcup originated with the high determination and passion to celebrate Our Periods and nullify Period Shaming. We wanted DEWcup to be powerful, so powerfully pink it is!!!

We are committed to take care of you and Our Mother Earth. Hence to start with, we decided to give you the healthier alternative for the pads and tampons. Go ahead to get DEWcup. Try it once and you will never turn back to pads or tampons.

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“ Your Period is not anyone else’s,
So why don’t you give it a go!!! ”

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